Covid 19 (part 18)

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March 31

Seventh day of lockdown in India….

Global death toll reached over 40000

Death toll in USA surpassed that of China.

These were the main head lines from March 31!

I seriously have no idea how to write poem out of this….

First step i chose was to collect relevant information.I caught up with Deepika.She was my classmate in Goldsmiths.Right now settled in Mumbai ..she could give a proper insight on the situation in India.

A quick flashback.On March 13,over 3400 people gathered at the Nizamuddin Markaz for a religious event.This has led to the outbreak of Covid 19 throughout India.On March 25 lockdown was imposed throughout the country.

What’s the point of a lockdown if people consider it as a holiday!

to be continued

Covid 19 (part 17)

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March 29


“These are your father’s belongings”

Uncle Piero retained few of my father’s possessions….a dead watch,an empty wallet,his emarald ring and finally a diary.All of them were perfectly disinfected.The pages of the diary was still wet and my impatience tore few parts.

Finally I got a chance to read it’s interior

Surviving the Pandemic !

Poetry -:)

Who reads poetry these days?

Since it was my father’s last writings I started reading it …

It’s incomplete.

I’m his daughter.I am Lisa Ronsfield and I have decided to complete it.

It’s been two weeks I’m still in real shock.And the worst part is since he was in Italy we could not even give him a proper funeral……Some times words become useless….it can’t describe everything.

to be continued

Covid 19 (part 15)

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March 3

Might seem insignificant to many but each life lost will leave a big scar in the hearts of their loved ones…..Even mild symptoms is a wake up call.If confessions are meant to be made,I have to confess I’m infected too….Can’t assure how long this journal continues …so it’s better to expect an abrupt end.

to be continued

Covid 19 (part 13)

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February 27

On February 27 the number of positive cases spiked over 82000.USA attempted to summon the Defence Production Act which will grant the President authority to increase production of essential products for national security.

To be continued

Covid 19 (part 12)

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February 25


Deputy health minister of Iran,Iraj Harirchi confessed that he was tested positive for Covid 19.

February 26


CDC identified the first sign of community it spread in USA.When reporters asked the President if he was worried about the spread of the virus he replied – “No, because we are ready for it “

While the global death toll reached 2700 and over 80,000 new cases were reported

to be continued

(Oil represents the rich or people on high position or part of the ruling body

While water represents the middle classes and poor

Rich are dependent on poor …both classes are dependent on each other .

Even if you are richest person on the planet the proximity of getting infected is same as ant ordinary person.He/she can get infected from his/her servant …. celebrities can get infected from media persons.

For instance even Boris Johnson was infected.)

Stay safe ! Give more importance to personal hygiene.

Covid 19 (part 10)

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February 19


Many experts suggests that the champions league match between Atalanta and Valencia as the major cause of outbreak in Bergamo,Italy.Atalanta’s fairytale run in the champions league attracted a massive crowd in the San Siro stadium. Some experts termed it as a “biological bomb”.The match was held couple of days before the first case of locally transmitted covid 19 was reported in Italy.

to be continued