Hills of Veras -(7)

(before you read – the ancient pamphlet revealed the tale of Veras – the king’s tyranny united the villagers – Hermon’s plea of love – the villagers were looted by the king’s guards – which led to a war – the king was forced to flee)

The pamphlet further describes the coronation event of Hermon as the king of Veras.Princess Serlinah became the queen.Serlinah who wasn’t fond of her father’s cruel rule finally accepts Hermon’s proposal.

Well the villian of the story isn’t dead…..Lord Erwin’s minister fills his mind with vengeance.

Velkan’s words poisoned Erwin’s mind.He pledges to take revenge on Hermon.

to be continued


Hills of Veras -(6)

(before you read – the long lost tale of Veras is revealed by the pamphlet – the people united against the king – Hermon’s plea of love to the princess – the villagers were looted by the king – which inturn led to a war)

The battle finally ends.Lord Erwin was forced to flee.Though the king’s soldiers outnumbered Hermon’s army they couldn’t defeat them.Hermon’s men also got help from the villagers who were once doomed by Erwin’s tyranny.

The pamphlet also describes the coronation of Hermon.

Lord Erwin along with his minister escaped from Veras.Erwin is found struggling to keep himself alive.

to be continued

Hills of Veras -(5)

(before you read – The pamphlet revealed the tale of Veras – The villagers were united by Hermon to struggle against the king – Hermon’s plea of love to princess Serlinah – Villagers were looted by the king’s guards – The old man who opposed was threatened)

The loot planned by the lord fails as Hermon intervenes……The old man who was threatened by the soldiers was saved by Hermon.Not only that the king’s guards were chased away by Hermon’s men.

Hermon gathered forces to fight against lord Erwin.

Hermon addresses his men.This portion of the pamphlet reveals how war broke out in Veras…….Don’t know who will come out victorious but sure is that misery awaits Veras.

to be continued

Hills of Veras -(4)

(before you read – the pamphlet continues to reveal the tale of Veras – the king’s tyranny enraged the villagers – the villagers were united by Hermon – Hermon meets the princess – Hermon’s plea of love made the princess longing for words)

After a long pause the princess replies to Hermon’s plea of love.She reminds Hermon about the terrible events that are going on in Veras.

She continues…..well her reply to Hermon’s proposal was positive but she said it in a highly sophisticated,complex and annoyingly awkward way!

The villages were looted not by robbers but the king himself.

The king’s guards forced the villagers to give up all their savings.Recent wars has shrunken the wealth of Veras and thus leading Lord Erwin to impose heavy taxation.

One old man bravely refuses to give away his earnings.The guards threatens him and soon he could find a sword kissing his neck……..

(to be continued)

Hills of Veras -(3)

(before you read – the pamphlet continues to reveal the tale of Veras – The king’s tyranny enraged the villagers – The villagers were led by Hermon – The festival of Mersillas has come but it couldn’t spread any smiles – Even the princess of Veras was sad)

Hermon sends his word to princess Serlinah.The messenger informs the princess that Hermon wishes to meet her.

A tunnel dark and dusty as you could imagine which led to the northern village….Serlinah should prevent being spotted by his father’s guards.She is about to meet her father’s biggest enemy…….He ain’t no enemy for her though!!!

They finally met…. Hermon found it very hard to find words.Silence………silence…….. and silence.He gathered strength and summoned the courage of a warrior.And he finally did it….he proposed to her.

Well Hermon wasn’t the only one who was longing for words…….

(to be continued)

Hills of Veras -(2)

(before you read – excavators found an ancient pamphlet – the pamphlet revealed the truth about the city of Veras – the first part of the pamphlet revealed the rage between lord Erwin and Hermon – Hermon resists the tyranny of the king)

The second part of the pamphlet invade us into the princesse’s chamber.

The princess seemed very sad and thoughtful. She is aware about the burning rage in the kingdom. She hopes that it won’t lead to a war and terrible misery. Her maid then tries to console her.

Well the festival of Mersillas has came.Its a long tradition of Verans to worship the river Melas.In the day of Mersillas they gathered near the river bank wearing pure white clothes.They then let flower buds to flow with the river.Strange traditions!!!

The unknown author of the pamphlet spared time to reveal the beauty of the princess. And as a matter of fact she’s smoking hot…..And that’s all about the second part.

to be continued……..

Hills of Veras -(1)

(Once upon a time there was city named Veras.The city which was famous for great wealth and architectural marvel.But in a terrible turn of events Veras was destroyed.As centuries passed there was no trace of the past glory of Veras.

In the present day most believed that the tale of Veras was a mere fable.Well,not for long as a group of excavators digged up a pamphlet…..It took few months to translate the script in the pamphlet into English.)

This is the tale of Veras and it’s lost glory…….

The beginning lines of the pamphlet itself hinted the following doom. Herses the astrologer predicts the future of Veras.

The suppressive rule of Lord Erwin has outraged the villagers.Their leader was Hermon.Hermon was of noble birth and was bathed in the holy river Melas.Verans worshipped the river as it was the source of life in the valley.The river flows from the great hills of Veras and spreads through the valley.

Lord Erwin kills Herses the astrologer who predicted the grim fate of Veras.

to be continued……….