Covid 19 (Part 9)

(before you read – read the previous parts

February 7

Next year the same day might not be remembered.But atleast few people in China will remember Dr Li Wenliang who was one among those who tried to alarm the world about a possible outbreak.He was infected by Corona and lost his life on February 7.

February 11

On February 11,WHO named the novel Corona virus as Covid 19. ‘Co’ stands for corona ,’Vi’ for viral and ‘d’ for disease.However USA kept calling it Wuhan Virus.

Meanwhile the death toll reached 1107.

to be continued

34 thoughts on “Covid 19 (Part 9)”

            1. Public is most innocent, my dear!!and your friend is one.results of all works done by politician have to bear for only to public.your friend is from China why he could tell against the Government of China.most welcome for response.

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            2. U should probably read the previous parts I’m not supporting any particular nation here ….many countries are blaming China for covering up their own failure to contain the virus. Example Trump if he issued proper lockdown at the right time many lives could hv been saved…..there’s is no evidence that the virus was created in a lab…
              And many scientists hv said that the virus has naturally evolved
              The coronavirus family includes SARS and common cold ,do u think common cold was also created in a lab

              There is no evidence

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  1. It was an unforeseen event that happened and it is increasing. We does not know where its end will go. Everyone is sad, worried but the way you put your feelings into words is a commendable.. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™‚

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