Covid 19 (part 17)

(before you read the previous parts)

March 29


“These are your father’s belongings”

Uncle Piero retained few of my father’s possessions….a dead watch,an empty wallet,his emarald ring and finally a diary.All of them were perfectly disinfected.The pages of the diary was still wet and my impatience tore few parts.

Finally I got a chance to read it’s interior

Surviving the Pandemic !

Poetry -:)

Who reads poetry these days?

Since it was my father’s last writings I started reading it …

It’s incomplete.

I’m his daughter.I am Lisa Ronsfield and I have decided to complete it.

It’s been two weeks I’m still in real shock.And the worst part is since he was in Italy we could not even give him a proper funeral……Some times words become useless….it can’t describe everything.

to be continued

18 thoughts on “Covid 19 (part 17)”

  1. Hello Abhin, I just nominated you for an Award. I think your blog is amazing blog and I love the stories and poetry you share . You can see the award in my most recent blog post, I do hope you don’t mind. Congratulations.πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

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