Covid 19 (Part 9)

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February 7

Next year the same day might not be remembered.But atleast few people in China will remember Dr Li Wenliang who was one among those who tried to alarm the world about a possible outbreak.He was infected by Corona and lost his life on February 7.

February 11

On February 11,WHO named the novel Corona virus as Covid 19. ‘Co’ stands for corona ,’Vi’ for viral and ‘d’ for disease.However USA kept calling it Wuhan Virus.

Meanwhile the death toll reached 1107.

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Covid 19 (part8)

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February 2

The first death outside of China was reported in Philippines.

February 4

On February 4, The Japanese health ministry announced that Diamond Princess cruise ship was quarantined at sea.Diamond Princess started its voyage on January 20 from Yokohama.

Over 700 people onboard were tested positive.It was the largest outbreak of the virus outside of China.

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Covid 19 (part 4)

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On January 17,a second death was reported in China.

But the most shocking thing is that the officials didn’t warned the public about a possible outbreak.

January 20

A third death was reported in China.The Chinese President Xi Jinping warns the public about a possible outbreak on January 20.But by that time more than 3000 people were infected.

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Covid 19 (part 3)

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January 13

The WHO reported the first case outside of China,in Thailand.The infected was a lady who had arrived from Wuhan.

Cases were reported in US,France,Nepal, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Taiwan on the following days.

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Covid 19 (part2)

January 7 2020

WHO declares that they had identified a novel virus.The new virus was named 2019-nCov.Later it was identified that the virus belonged to the coronavirus family.

January 9

On January 9,a 61 year old man lost his life due to the novel Corona virus.

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Covid 19 ( 1)

There are certain events in the history of mankind which we always highlight with a red ink.Event might not be the most relevant term to describe a devastating war or a disaster.But these so called events shaped the world.


December 31

A few from the lot of those people infected worked at Huanan seafood wholesale market.

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